The Two Behind Rockbamboo

Husband & Wife Duo

Although Rockbamboo Photo & Film began in 2016 with our first wedding–we met in high school and were in the same photography class! We made it through a few years of long distance and then secretly eloped July 18th, 2019 on a hill overlooking Wakamow Valley in Moose Jaw. Our family-filled wedding celebration was delayed throughout Covid, but we were able to schedule it for July 17, 2022. July 19th was the day Rockbamboo formally began.

Consider this–you’re one, your future spouse is one, you both live within a few miles of each other in the Richmond/Delta areas of Vancouver. When you both turn two, her family moves to Hong Kong, China, and yours to Moose Jaw, SK. You both grow up on opposite sides of the planet until her parents decide to send her to Caronport High School and he decides to switch high schools to the same one. You meet in 2014, end up in the same photography class and before you know it you own 3 cats, 1000 plants, 1 dog, get secretly married, years later have a wedding celebration after the Covid shenanigans–and run a little company called Rockbamboo.  

The Two Behind Rockbamboo


Photographer, Editor

Hobbies/side businesses include: crocheting ( @cosmoandclove ), fashion, floral designing, singing, and graphic designing.

Joseph (Joey)

Photographer, Videographer

Hobbies/side businesses include: plants, landscape photography, history, research, and a school teacher.

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